The HOTH Link Building Solutions Review

The HOTH Link Building Solutions Review

The HOTH gets all kinds of raving reviews online. I’ve used them for many years on different projects. Below is an honest review of their services. 

The beauty of SEO, and the reason why many consider it a combination of an art form and science, is that it has an ever-changing landscape. Since the moment it became a recognized form of marketing, boosting search engine rankings has become a topic of discussion.

There are numerous elements that influence search engine result pages (SERPs), although many argue that these rankings revolve around link building. Link building is the process of getting other sites to link back and direct traffic to your own.

Link building has always been regarded as an effective, yet time-consuming strategy that can be the source of great success for your website. And, thanks to platforms such as The HOTH, you can now use efficient link building techniques to generate backlinks that boost your rankings.

The Hoth Team

The HOTH offers a full suite of link building solutions that allow you to overcome common challenges associated with paying to build links – or if you have no idea how to do anything related to SEO. 

Search engines penalize websites that use black hat link building methods, or in other words, techniques that don’t follow their established regulations. Using black hat link building can result in penalties that end up harming your efforts and lowering your site’s SERP ranking.

On the other hand, The HOTH utilizes link building methods that mimic natural backlinks and avoid any penalizations.

Link Building Plans

Before understanding how the link building plans work, we need to review some fundamental aspects like the quality of the website sending you a link, as well as that website’s domain and authority scores.

For links to have a positive effect on the ranking of a website, they must come from reliable sources that have high authority and trust metrics.

Authoroty Websites On Your Site

For example, if Google sees that you are receiving a link from a site they deem as authoritative and trustworthy, it will boost your rankings.

Spammy websites that link to your site will not boost your rankings, on the contrary, they may result in lower rankings and reduced SEO performance. Moreover, signs of unnatural link building, such as overnight backlink spikes, can also have a negative effect on your website.

Natural Link Building

The main goal of The HOTH is to build links in a natural manner, in order to avoid raising any red flags or being subjected to any penalization.

Racking up backlinks too quickly, creating reciprocal links, and those that come from less-than-trusty sources can end up hurting your ranking.

Natural Link Building

Natural link building refers to the techniques used to achieve high SEO ranking, and making sure these methods stick to the regulations imposed by search engines such as Google.

The HOTH developed a scientific approach that helps rank higher while avoiding any potential penalties.

Scaling Features And Content Quality

The two reasons why The HOTH stands out from the competition can be narrowed down to two basic functions: scalability and content quality. Because link building depends on getting a good number of quality links, finding a scalable method that does not incur in penalties can be tricky.

Racking up low-quality links or creating too many links too quickly can lower your rankings, posing yet another problem for scalability. Moreover, poor quality content that links to your site can also end up hindering your marketing efforts, so you need to get traffic from quality content.

Thanks to its vast network of PR sites, The HOTH can help provide the high number of quality links and content that are necessary for SEO success. It provides a feasible link building solution that can grow at the same pace as your company, regardless of your industry.

Customer Support

Besides featuring a solid product and effective methods that will prevent any penalties, The HOTH also offers a stellar, U.S.-based customer support team that can help you via chat or phone five days of the week.

The link building industry is always associated with faceless companies and communication barriers that are almost impossible to overcome, and The HOTH prides itself in providing transparent support that delights their customers, rather than causing an additional headache.

What I Like About The HOTH

The HOTH has designed a method of building links that helps create a positive link profile while avoiding any penalizations. It does so by creating a layer of top level blogs and domains that are used to pump original, useful articles about your industry and product.

Once these top level blogs are loaded with content, The HOTH will start building its links with web 2.0 articles and social bookmarks. Finally, it rolls out its “volume module” which can use up to 200 private network posts to slow drip the articles.


This results in an apparently natural link building process that spans over 3+ weeks, instead of creating all of them at once. If you were to look at a visual representation of its technique, it would be reminiscent of a tree diagram that branches out at the lower levels.

The HOTH is also backed by a reliable customer support team that is available 5 days a week via text communication or phone calls. They will have a skype call with you to help you figure out what link building is best for you, your budget and your goals. This is especially helpful if you’re a bit “SEO clueless”. Lastly, with a price tag ranging $60 for HOTH Mini, to $1500 for the Platinum Plus+ package, it offer options to fit any budget.

What I Don’t Like About The HOTH

Although The HOTH has developed techniques to mimic natural link building, there is no way to guarantee it will not result in penalization from search engines at some point.

The team behind The HOTH is composed by seasoned SEO professionals, but even they admit nothing is perfect. Always proceed with caution and keep your eyes and ears open for any potentially disruptive updates that may affect your link building plan.

Although I can’t say that it’s 100% safe, building links by using this platform is effective and safe at least 99% of the time.

The Verdict

When it comes to complete link building solutions, The HOTH offers one of the most effective and safest ways to build links consistently and efficiently. Its simple, yet effective methods are built to provide results while following search engine-set regulations.

Thanks to its extremely intricate link building methods, reasonable price tag, and great support team, The HOTH gets our seal of approval as one of the best link building platforms available today.




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