Superstar Blogging Course Review

Superstar Blogging Course Review

Blogging used to be a way for people to share their thoughts on specific topics. It was a public online diary if you will. But, since its beginnings, blogging has evolved into a money making industry that allows people to live a location-independent lifestyle.

Building a blog is the perfect way to attract an audience, become a thought provoker in a specific industry, tell your story, and above all, start a new and exciting career.

Best of all, if you love traveling or just don’t like sitting still and being part of the 9 to 5 cubicle, blogging can offer you a more exciting way of life while still maintaining a level of financial stability.

With the help of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you can not only attract readers but also people wanting to pay you for advertising space. Another way you can earn a living is to conduct affiliate marketing or create various digital products that you can sell.

SEO Optimisation

But, starting a blog is not as simple as it seems. While having strong writing skills is essential, it is not the only aspect of blogging.

You must know how to setup your platform, get your branding right, know who your target audience is, learn about SEO, create a social media strategy, and much more.

And, if you’re no good at writing, there are other ways you could earn a living while on the road, for example, videography, photography or even vlogging.

Unfortunately, because of the sheer volume of blogs on the internet today, it can be very difficult to compete within such a lucrative industry. In fact, there are probably more low-quality blogs than high-quality ones online today.

With that in mind, if you’re serious about blogging, you may want to consider getting professional advice on the matter. That brings us to Nomadic Matt’s Superstar blogging courses:

Nomadic Matt’s Superstar Blogging

Matthew Kepnes, aka Nomadic Matt, is among the most reputable travel writers in the world. Back in 2008, he started his platform with the aim of educated others on how to travel the world as cheaply as possible.

His website grew to reach millions of readers every year and he later published a variety of e-books which have been just as successful. Now, Nomadic Matt has a huge variety of contributors, offering readers very specific, well-written content on a variety of travel topics.

Nomadic Matt On A Trip

With the success of Nomadic Matt, Matthew Kepnes realized that he could teach others to pursue the same dream as his, which lead him to the creation and launch of Superstar Blogging.

Superstar Blogging is a group of courses which allow individuals to learn the skills they need to start a travel career of their own, no matter where they are in the world. The courses include:

  • How to become a travel writer
  • The business of travel blogging
  • ​How to become a travel photographer
  • How to become a travel filmmaker

All courses allow students to create long term online business strategies, learn about SEO tactics, gain instant access to some of the best networking websites, learn how to think creatively, and gives them lifetime access to a mound of resources.

What We Like About Superstar Blogging

Apart from the awesome variety of creative courses, what we love about Superstar Blogging is that it’s taught by a group of like-minded people.

Matthew Kepnes has teamed up with a group of mentors, all of which are either renowned entrepreneurs or award-winning creatives that have been featured in some of the biggest media outlets out there.

This huge variety of teachers allows for the courses to be undertaken from a variety of points of view, giving students knowledge about the online world that most could only dream of.

Youtube Superstars Courses

In addition to all the above, students can learn whenever and wherever they want. All courses are in video format and consist of webinars, tutorials, case studies, and interviews.

Like a physical course in a college or university, students receive individual, special treatment whereby they get their own feedback and expert guidance.

To top it off, all methods taught in the courses have been proven to be successful and each one includes assignments to evaluate individual success. Best of all, the courses come with 100% guarantee and students have lifetime access to the entire syllabus.

We love the fact that Nomadic Matt has created private groups for students to collaborate in. It makes the whole learning experience that little more personable.

Lastly, Superstar Blogging offers a basic level of tech support to help students get their websites up and running from the get go.

What We Don’t Like About Superstar Blogging

There is no doubt that Superstar Blogging is one of the best platforms to learn about how to live a location independent lifestyle. But, while the learning platforms offers some of the most advanced and performance driven results, they come at a significant price.

Although the “How to Become a Travel Photographer” course costs just under $90, the “Business of Travel Blogging” and the “How to Become a Travel Filmmaker” costs just under $270.

Money Back guarantee

And that’s not to mention the “How to Become a Travel Writer” which comes in at nearly $440.

Despite some of these courses requiring a large financial investment, all of them can be paid for over numerous installments of less than $100 each, and from the moment you make your first payment you’ll receive full access to your chosen course with a 30-day guarantee.

Our Verdict

While you may find the Superstar Blogging courses expensive, they have features that most other online blogging courses do not. And, although the course is expensive, it is a down sight cheaper than many of its online counterparts, which much more to offer.

Aside from your mentors, you’ll get full access to Matt who will be available to answer your questions. The blogging courses go deep into the world of SEO, teaching students how to make their new platforms as discoverable as possible.

Lastly, aside from its awesome focus on the business and branding aspects of blogging, you’ll receive some amazing freebies and tech support during your journey to creating your dream blog.

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