4 Things to Do in Jacksonville This Summer

Like any big city, Summertime means a new season of activities that can be enjoyed by all. Jacksonville has some amazing events that everyone in your family can attend. Let’s see what Jacksonville Florida has in store for Summer 2022

Taco and Margarita Festival

It is a proven fact that you gain someone’s trust and love through the gift of food. At least, this works almost 95% of the time for me. If you mention something about Tacos and Margaritas at a festival that I need to attend, then it’s an automatic 100% trust and love given. If there is one food that we adopted in the United States that could truly represent the south, it would be a taco.

This festival is set for Saturday, June 4, and will feature tacos, margaritas, and live wrestling. That’s right, live wrestling for your viewing pleasure while you enjoy your locally made tacos e margaritas. There will be local vendors to visit as well.

Jacksonville Bicentennial

The best times to take a vacation or perhaps, relocate for a change of scenery while you work remotely, are those times happen to be when there’s a party to attend. The Bicentennial is happening this year on June 11th. This is to celebrate 200 years and starts at noon with a street festival. This includes vendors, performances, and other exhibits. Then there will be a parade and fireworks to follow.

If you have been looking to see what will be going on this year since you’ve got your Jacksonville apartment rental situated, this is one thing you don’t want to miss! It will probably be the biggest event of the year due to honest Jacksonville pride.

See Incubus Live

There is a certain necessity in our lives these days for a taste of nostalgia. If you were a 90-00s kid such as myself, Incubus was one of the absolute coolest bands of our time. The best part about this band was just the absolute talent of Brendan Boyd and his fellow band members. It will probably be such an amazing live performance and possibly one of the few times to see them on a small bill.

Incubus used to be huge and now that festivals are pouring back after the pandemic, they may be looking to dip their toes into the festival waters again. You can see them on July 26th at 7 pm at Daley’s Place. They are playing with Sublime with Roam and the Aquadolls.

See Another Live Event

If Incubus isn’t your kind of live musical event, several other artists are touring and playing Jacksonville this summer. You can see the Goo Goo Dolls, another classic 90s nostalgic band. Or you can check out Dierks Bently: Beers on Me Tour if you prefer to jam out to country music. September starts with some Rod Stewart which is making me question how long he will be doing that, but good for him!

If you’re not into musical live events you can choose from plays and adaptations to equestrian dressage shows, there’s so much to attend for the summer. The best part is that most of this is family-friendly so you can take the whole crew with you! Whether you go for a visit or stay for the whole season, check out some of these guaranteed good times.


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