5 Spring Cleaning Ideas You Must Include on Your List this Month

Every year, nearly 80% of us partake in doing a spot of spring cleaning. However, spring cleaning this year might be a bit different than most. After spending almost a full year being locked down, we might have already achieved all the jobs we would usually do during our spring clean.

This doesn’t mean you have to forgo your yearly tradition though, but you might like to switch it up! If you are looking for some home improvement inspiration, here are 5 of our top spring cleaning ideas you must include on your list this month.

1. Check and clean your roof

After a while, dirt and pesky plants can build up on the tiles of your roof. It is important to make sure your roof keeps clean, as this can affect the structural integrity of the roof, and thus the whole building, over time.

Issues that can be caused by dirty roofs includes allowing moisture through onto the timbers, causing them to rot, cracked tiles and structural bonds, blocked gutters, and an overheated attic space.

Before putting your storage boxes from your spring clean up in the loft, check the inside of the roof for any signs of damage. When it comes to the external surfaces of the roof, always call in professional Roofers Middlesbrough to ensure everyone’s safety.

2. Deep clean your appliances

It turns out that 71% of Brits don’t regularly clean their home appliances, most only cleaning their washing machine once a year (if that). However, it is essential to deep clean your appliances, ideally a few times a year, to stop the build up of mould and bacteria.

You don’t want to be eating food out of a dirty fridge or from a dirty oven, so why not treat your washing machine and dishwasher with the same respect? After all, no one wants their clothes and places coming out dirtier than they were before.

3. Clear out your wardrobe

After the pandemic is over, we are all going to have to re-enter back in society, so why not do that with style! This is a great time to have a good clear out of your old clothes and make room for some new.

4. Try a fresh coat of paint

If you like your home to have a nice crisp paint job, then no amount of cleaning can help this to stay perfect. After you have given the walls a thorough wipe down with a sponge and water, consider giving your walls a little face lift with a maintenance paint job.

5. Organise your bookshelves

We are all guilty of liking things in certain places, and organised in a certain way, and of course books are no different. Even libraries have their preferences on how books should be ordered.

When you are spring cleaning your shelves, take the opportunity to reorganise your bookshelves in the way you like it. Whether this is by subject, colour, or alphabetical, vertical, horizonal, or both, a few minutes of organising can make the world of a difference.

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