6 safety measures to consider as hospitality reopens

Though some hospitality have been lucky enough to reopen already, where they can serve food outside and house key workers, others have had to wait until the lockdown rules relax on 17th May.

From this date, hotels will be able to operate as normal, and pubs and restaurants will be able to reopen with indoor dining.

So, as hospitality begins to reopen, here are 6 safety measures that your hospitality business should consider.

1. Bulk buy the hand sanitiser

Hand sanitiser has become almost synonymous with the pandemic, with people encouraged to use it as often as possible to minimise the spread of germs. It is important to consider both your customers and employees, buying the hand sanitiser in bulk so that you never run out.

2. Check your fire alarms

When you haven’t been in the building for a while, never mind hosted any guests, it would be of no surprise if you forgot to do a routine check of your fire alarms. However, as you begin to reopen, it is crucial that you make sure that they are working before letting customers through the door.

If your fire alarm isn’t working properly, or you would prefer to have a professional give the whole system a once over, get in touch with fire alarm installers in Newcastle to sort any issue before the all important reopening.

3. Maintain social distancing and other rules

When customers are dining out they must be in either a group of six maximum or two households of any size if inside, or up to 30 people outside; every customer above aged 16 must check in with NHS test and trace or provide the relevant contact details; and maintain a social distance of one metre plus wherever possible.

Similarly, overnight stays in guest accommodation (hotels, hostels, B&Bs etc) are limited to six people or two household bubbles. If you don’t usually live with the people you are travelling with, or they aren’t in your bubble, socially distancing applies as normal.

4. Enforce mandatory mask wearing

Face masks have been mandatory for most of the pandemic, however there are some people who still refuse to wear them. Thus, it is important to make sure that these rules are enforced consistently.

In addition to this, there might be some confusion over the rules that diners can remove their masks whilst seated but put them back on whenever they leave the table such as to visit the restroom.

5. Thoroughly clean everything

After no one has been in the building for a while, you must make sure to thoroughly clean everything. Then, the premises must be kept clean, with occasional deep cleans whenever necessary.

6. Check all kitchen equipment is working properly

There is nothing worse than reopening your hospitality business to find that your oven or other kitchen equipment isn’t working properly. To save any disappointment, check all of your kitchen equipment well in advance, so that you can have any problems fixed in good time.

There are many other safety measures that your hospitality business might consider whilst in the process of opening, and this will give you a good start. All that is left to do now is open the doors and welcome your guests back inside.


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