Baby Shower Invitation Cards Everyone Will Love

If you have a baby on the way then you must be the happiest parents-to-be at this point in time. But it is not only you who is excited about this baby there are many others in your family and friends who are equally excited for you. A baby shower gives them an opportunity to show their love and blessings to the parents, especially the mother-to-be, to show their support and Joy.

Traditionally, the grandparents or someone from the family used to plan the baby showers for the mother-to-be. But today couples, who are soon going to be parents, take things into their own hands and with help of some friends and family plan a get-together, where they can have fun and recreation to enjoy these moments and share the happiness with their loved ones.

A lot goes into planning a perfect baby shower. It should be a beautiful day for the would-be parents hence the planning should be such that everyone involved in the party enjoys the moment and have fun. The mother-to-be especially needs a lot of support, love, and hope from everyone and she should get what she deserves from this party. To make it special there are many aspects that need to be planned properly right from the beginning. Starting from the baby shower invitation cards to the food, the games, or the takeaways. To make it a little easier for you this article will discuss some baby shower invitation card ideas that all your friends and family members would love to receive.

If you are the planner of a baby shower then here are some invitation card ideas that you would find helpful.

Gouache seal and send cards-

This is one of the cards that is gaining a lot of popularity in recent times. It is a fairly innovative concept that not only looks good but is very practical as well. This gives a flair of vintage floral envelopes but in a very creative way. You have a palette of colors from which you can choose the color you want to see on your invitation cards. The velvet paper used for this invitation gives you a Vibe of luxury when you hold it in your hands. This is a groundbreaking concept for your invitation cards, where you can have both the invitation as well as the tear-away RSVP cards together in one. The card is shaped in a way that when you fold it and put a seal on it, it looks like an envelope. So you don’t have to buy a separate envelope to put in the invitation cards for sending out. You can just seal the card, write the name and address of the guest and send it through the mail.


Traditionally, the baby shower was meant to make the day memorable for mommy-to-be. If you are planning to carry forward this tradition and celebrate the mum by showering her with gifts and blessings then this can be the best baby shower invitation template for you. With this template, you can try to bring in some fun at the baby shower by involving the guests in a themed party. Since the concept is based on a honey bee hence the colors can be black and yellow. It is better not to sway from the basic color scheme of this card as you can create unnecessary chaos in the card.

Color-themed cards

These cards are basically meant for couples who love to have fun with quirky ideas. This is a theme-based card, where you need how to dress up in a particular color or style that would be pretty decided by the planners. You can have an all-white gender-neutral party with everything you have from the cake to your dress or the food served, white in color. You can also plan the party depending on the gender of the baby like a pink party or a blue-themed party, where everyone is dressed in pink or blue. You can also ask the guests to get dressed in a particular style to make the party more fun and quirky. You can get all this printed on the invitation card and have an amazing get-together.

What to expect?

Once you decide on an exciting baby shower invitation card idea you need to believe that people are going to love your idea. Everyone in your circle is happy for you and would love to join you in these moments. The only thing you need to expect after this is to have fun and enjoy one of the best days of your life surrounded by people who care for you.


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