Cool T Shirts For Guys

Men need a nice t-shirt. Go to the Vlone and buy some really cool t-shirts. You’re not going to score with the ladies wearing the dull, worn-out beer shirts you earned when you were in college. We have a printed T-shirt that everyone loves. As you know, T-shirts that are so soft and amazingly cool have been hanging in drawers for years. Go to the T-shirt. This is your coolest t-shirt. But it doesn’t belong to your back anywhere outside your home. Even the gym.

So what makes a nice t-shirt? What makes you stop and see the t-shirt again? Perhaps it’s a combination of making a nice t-shirt. Who is wearing and where. For example, a funny t-shirt is really not suitable for a first date at work or under a jacket. On the other hand, a t-shirt that is too funny or aggressive can be a really cool shirt to wear with men at night. In the realm of men’s t-shirts, sometimes less is better. Few people can run away in a typical Jersey Shore t-shirt. As you know, a graphic tee full of crosses, scrolls, wings, letters, rhinestones, studs and more. A person with a nice body and a better wearer, a person with the nerves and powers of steel beat everyone around.

For most people, the better choice is a little more subtle. It would be a really soft and beautiful fit t-shirt with a really nice illustration. Some of the old illustrations are really intricate and detailed and make a really cool t-shirt. Old medical illustrations, really old animals and advertising illustrations look great on printed t-shirts. How about a T-shirt with a beautiful, delicate black bear print coming out of the side seams? Or a T-shirt with an illustration of a hypnotist? You are getting sleepy….this t-shirt is so great for its simplicity. They don’t provide excessive power to the wearer and certainly don’t bring Jersey Shore into their wardrobe. This fabulous shirt will look great underneath a beautiful jacket for a bit of a casual dinner or alone with some nice jeans.

Here are some tips for shopping for the best cool t-shirts to decorate your wardrobe without making you look like a jersey boy.

Make sure the t-shirt fits. It shouldn’t be big and baggy. Your sleeves should not go down over your elbows. I want it to fit on the shoulder and taper down.

Find a lighter t-shirt. Typically, graphic t-shirts are printed on 6.1oz cotton. Except when buying a tee to wear under a jacket or shirt, that’s fine. You’ll want a light weight of less than 5 ounces. Be a little careful though. The lighter the weight of the shirt, the less body problems it covers.

Find a Vlone Shirts beautiful print that you like. Something unusual but subtle. Feeling good. What makes you laugh.If the settings are right, laugh out loud.

Nothing goes off more than an aggressive shirt in the wrong setting. Finally, you should consider throwing away one every time you buy a new shirt. Really. If you follow these simple rules, it will look great.

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