How to Keep Your Office Safe During the Christmas Holidays

Christmas is a time for joy! Christmas is a time where you and your staff should be able to lock up the office building and walk away in confidence, ready to enjoy a well-earned rest. Unfortunately, however, December is a very popular time for burglars to strike, meaning many businessowners walk away with nerves – not confidence.

Although it is residential properties that are far likelier targets around this time of year, offices don’t get off scot-free. That’s why, before you leave the place vacant for the Christmas holidays, you must action the below top tips…

Upgrade your locks

When was the last time you upgraded your locks? Unless they’re almost brand new, it’s very likely that their strength and stability has worn down over time, making them weak. Why does this matter? Well, you might like (or rather dislike) to know that 76% of burglars gain entry through the door.

With that in mind, it’s fundamental you upgrade your locks before leaving your office vacant. If you’re unsure whether it’s necessary or not, call out a local locksmith to assess the current condition.

Keep all valuables hidden or somewhere safe

This is especially important for those who work in offices with an array of expensive technical equipment. While it might be difficult and a bit of a hassle to hide 20 computers, it’s worth doing if the office is going to be left unattended for a significant amount of time.

If you have a cupboard with a lock, try and store as many valuables as possible in there. It’s just worth doing, even if it is just for peace of mind…

Invest in proper security systems

Does your office have an intruder alarm? What about CCTV surveillance? There are so many systems on the market these days that will assist in keeping your office safe while you’re away. Security cameras are designed to deter criminals (no one wants to be caught on film committing a crime!) and a good intruder alarm just might be the reason why they don’t make it past the front door.

If you’re looking for CCTV installers in Newcastle or elsewhere across the North East of England, CDS Security & Fire provide sophisticated multi-user, PC controlled systems for residential properties and, of course, commercial properties. Proper security equipment is the best investment you could make for your business!

Check the windows are secure

This might sound like a really obvious tip, but you’d be surprised by how many people manage to access a property just through the window. It can happen, but don’t let it happen to you! It’s really simple to give yourself peace of mind; before you leave, check that each window is firmly closed and – if possible – locked.

We recommend doing this advance, and not 20 minutes before you’re due to close for the festivities. If you do spot an issue with one of your windows, it really is worth calling on an emergency repair before everyone leaves for the break.


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