How to make the most of your conservatory this winter

Adding a conservatory to your home provides you with an extra area to relax or host guests, as well as adding a bit of extra value to your property. In the winter months however, they don’t always get the use that they could because they’re too cold.

If you want to make sure you’re getting the most out of your conservatory all year round, keep reading for some helpful tips.

Find the source of the leak

You can’t warm your conservatory until you locate problem areas where draught’s are coming from. Make sure all external doors and windows shut properly. If you are able to locate gaps where cold air is creeping in, it’s a sign that your conservatory is losing its efficiency.

For a quick fix, use sealant to plug any gaps. Although this solution is low cost, it is not long term. Your conservatory will need an overhaul eventually.

Replace the roof

Conservatory roofs are notorious for allowing heat to escape. Older conservatories (built over 10 years ago) are likely to be too cold to use in the winter because of the materials used to build the roof.

In order to make the changes you need, your roof needs to be inspected by a professional. Calling in a roofer to look at the materials used on your roof has been proven to reduce energy bills. If you need conservatory roofing in Gateshead, look into Findley Roofing and Buildings.

Fill the room with furniture

Allowing air to circulate around an empty room means the room is more likely to be cold. Filling the room with furniture leaves the air with less room to move around. Choosing sofas and other furniture that is cotton based offers better insulation to absorb and reflect heat than a solid surface.

Some suggest choosing furniture that can easily provide a compromise on hot days, as well as compliment your aesthetics. A conservatory being too cold in the winter tends to come with the caveat of being too hot in the summer. Switching out the furniture can help aid both of these issues.

Blinds and curtains

Blinds and curtains are often an overlooked method of insulation that is particularly cost effective. Usually blinds are the preferred choice in a conservatory, but both serve to transfer heat in the same way.

Installing vertical or venetian blinds will also allow you freedom to block or allow sun in the room all year round. They can even be fixed at certain points in larger spaces.

There is no reason you can’t use your conservatory all year round. It is a very big investment to make and only use six months of the year. A few simple changes to your decor can make a huge difference. In more extreme cases, there are lots of reliable contractors who will come out and take care of your double glazing problem at a reasonable price.

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