How To Profit From Your Blog

In my previous post on how to start blogging, I covered how to choose a theme, how to get the right hosting provider, target the right audience amongst other topics. Well, once you get all that sorted and start generating compelling content, the next step is how to make a profit out of your blog. This might sound very hard, but if you put in the work, you will be surprised with the outcomes.

Making money from a blog is a long-distance race, not a sprint

Before continuing, I would like to warn you that making money from a blog is always a long-term plan. Traffic, engagement, trust… These cannot be achieved overnight, so if you are looking to get rich in 3 weeks, this is not for you. 99% of the blogs in the world are abandoned after a few months. Therefore, if you want yours to bring you financial benefits, one of the essential qualities you need is perseverance. And I’m not talking about months, but years. These are the top 3 ways to generate a profit with your blog.

PPC Advertising

The easiest and fastest way to monetize a blog is through PPC advertising. PPC stands for “Pay Per Click”, which means that you are paid every time a user clicks one of your ads. There are many PPC ad networks, Google Ads being the most popular. You can follow this guide to get the most out of Google Ads.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a type of advertising in which you promote a product or service from another company on your blog, which pays you a commission every time you generate a sale. PRO TIP INCOMING: Last year, there was a huge increase in affiliate marketing targeting mobile apps. Get in touch with developers and get a commission every time someone downloads the app. For example, if you run a finance blog, you can work out a deal in which each reader that downloads an online casino app following your affiliate link, they get casino bonuses in the app. Something that they wouldn’t get if they downloaded the app straight through the app store. This will add value to your blog, resulting in a direct benefit for both the readers, the developers, and you.

Sell your own products

The most lucrative method to make money with your blog is to sell your own products since there are no intermediaries and therefore the margins are wider. What allows you to get the biggest profit is the sale of digital products, and more specifically that of info-products such as ebooks or courses related to the content you offer. The advantage of these types of products is that duplicating them is free, so once created it costs the same to sell one as a million. In addition, the entire sales process can be easily automated thanks to platforms such as E-Junkie, Gumroad, or even Amazon.

And there you go, 3 easy ways to start making a profit from your blog.

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