How to Sell on Azure Marketplace

If you’ve designed and developed an innovative digital tech solution such as an app and want to find a large audience for your digital product, it’s worth learning about how to sell your digital product on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

How to sell on Azure Marketplace:

Sign up to become a Microsoft partner:

Once you’ve finished polishing your digital tech solution, your first step should be to sign up to become a Microsoft partner. In order to receive a Microsoft ID that you’ll need to use in order to create an offer to potential clients through the Cloud Partner Portal.

Set the parameters for your first offer:

Once you’ve successfully logged in to the Cloud Partner Portal, you’ll need to set the parameters for your very first offer. To start off with, select the type of digital solution which you’re offering. Key examples of which include digital machines, SaaS applications, Power BI apps, IoT Edge Models, consulting services, containers, and Azure applications.

Once you’ve set the parameters for your first offer, add a subscription to your offer, in order to officially put your order on the market. At this stage, it’s important to select the right category in order for your offer to receive as much positive exposure as possible and to increase your online sales.

Select your payment method:

Next, you’ll need to select your preferred payment method for your offer. For example, you may request a pay as you go model which is priced per hour or a subscription-based price model. Or you may want to opt for a bring your own licence model, in which you will still manage the software licences which are linked to your offer, while Microsoft will charge your clients for their infrastructure usage and Azure usage.

Utilize Microsoft Azure’s free lead management software:

In order to chase down new sales, it’s a smart idea to plan to utilize Microsoft Azure’s free lead management software, in order to keep track of potential clients who have viewed your offer. As you’ll be able to get one of your team members to follow up these useful leads, in order to close new sales.

Publish your offer:

Finally, once you’ve successfully completed all of the individual steps which have been listed out above, you’ll be able to publish your order so that it will go live on the Azure Marketplace. Before your digital solution is shown to prospective clients, your offer will be digitally tested via a private marketplace, which will give you a fair indication of how your digital solution is likely to fare, as your offer currently stands. You can even request a review of your offer before you choose to make your offer live.

It takes less than a day for offers to become live:

Once you’ve chosen to go ahead and to publish your offer, it will become live in less than one business day. So it’s a wise idea to plan ahead in order to increase traffic to your listing on the marketplace.


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