How to Undertake a Los Angeles Seismic Retrofit

If you’re the owner of a building or numerous buildings in Los Angeles, you may be aware that many owners of older buildings that predate 1983 are being made to undertake seismic retrofits. In order to ensure that their buildings aren’t safety hazards in the event of an earthquake. Especially as Los Angeles and California as a whole is extremely prone to experiencing serious earthquakes.

How to undertake a Los Angeles seismic retrofit:

Which buildings are required to undertake a mandatory seismic retrofit:

If you own buildings in Los Angeles and are curious about which buildings are required to undertake a mandatory seismic retrofit, under ordinance 183893, you’ve come to the right place. Under the ordinance in question, all wood-frame soft-story buildings and non-ductile buildings which were constructed before 1983, must undergo a mandatory seismic retrofit. In order to ensure that they can withstand minor to small-sized earthquakes. As, without extensive restructuring, many of the buildings in this class may be potential hazards in the event of an earthquake. Especially, if a large earthquake were to hit the earthquake-prone state of California.

So if one of the buildings which you own is affected by the ordinance 183893, it’s well worth searching for seismic retrofit solutions. So that you won’t be penalized for ignoring the Los Angeles seismic retrofit. So be sure to find out whether you’re affected by ordinance 183893 as soon as possible.

Which buildings should be prioritized under the new ordinance?

If you’re curious about which buildings should be retrofitted first as priorities, the simple answer is buildings which boast 3 storeys or more which contain 16 or more units. Followed by large two-storey buildings which offer. The second group of buildings that should be retrofitted are buildings that feature 3 or more storeys but only have 15 or fewer units. The third priority group of buildings that predate 1983 which should be refitted are buildings which do not fit into the first two categories such as traditional condos.

The timeline that you need you to adhere to:

Within 2 years of receiving your notice, you will need to provide proof of a previous retrofit. If your building has not been retrofitted in the past, you’ll need to provide plans that detail your future plans to have your building retrofitted or your plans to demolish your existing building.

Within 3.5 years you’ll need to have obtained a permit in order to either start construction on your mandated retrofit or to demolish your old building in order to sell your property or to build a brand new building on your property.

The last date that you have to remember when it comes to your timeline, is your final date. Your final date is 7 years. This means that you need to finish your retrofit or your demolition on your property within 7 years.

So if you own a building that was built before 1983 and has been marked for a Los Angeles refit, it’s definitely well worth paying particular attention to all of the specifications that are outlined above.

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