Long Tail Pro Platinum Review

For years I made easy passive income ($5000-10,000 a month) without knowing how to research keywords for a niche. Understanding how to find profitable keywords didn’t matter to me at the time. I was playing a totally different online game of buying/selling domain names and text links. But as I’ve moved deeper into affiliate marketing as my main source of income, I felt the need to write a Long Tail Pro Platinum review.

Long Tail Pro Keyword Research

I dabbled in using tools like Google Keywords, SEM Rush and MOZ. I still use some of them from time to time, but the more I learned about keywords and competitiveness, the more I started to research using long tail keywords. I studied keyword research for ages before applying anything to my websites. From everything I found on the topic, the results were pretty much unanimous, long tail keywords would pave the way for cash to my bank account. I partially believed that it would be easier, faster and more effective to target long tail keywords, but I was still hesitant.

Already being a long time fan and reader of Spencer Haws at Niche Pursuits, I started to look into his new software, Long Tail Pro Platinum. I didn’t find anything at the time when searching for a Long Tail Pro Platinum Review, but since the trial was free and affiliate marketing was my new form of monetization to conquer, I quickly signed up for an account.

The Long Tail Pro keyword research tool was easy to use. I watched a couple of the ‘how-to’ videos and played around with it all day and all night. The surprising thing about the research tool was that I never ended up using the initial keywords I put in. It gave me tons of more options for wording and longer-tail keywords that seemed much more effective. I was super excited about how effortless it felt, but again, I was still hesitant.

long tail pro platinum review


Long Tail Pro Competitor Analysis

I’m the type of person that needs to see concrete results. The Long Tail Pro competitor analysis number was telling me “YES! This is a great keyword to use”… but I was skeptical. I thought that maybe it was all a scam, long tail research should be much more complicated that this and take a lot more work to find profitable keywords.

There was no way I could find a profitable long tail keyword in 20 minutes. From the videos I watched on Long Tail Pro keyword competitiveness, I learned that they devise a number based on numerous metrics that contribute to the competitiveness of a keyword. The software analyzes the top 10 organic results in Google for that keyword to determine the magical number they show you.

Can you guess how I felt after exploring the Long Tail Pro keyword competitiveness analysis? Yep, SKEPTICAL. It was all too effortless. I’m not a negative person by any means, but there’s often so much information and tools on the internet for people who want to make money blogging, it’s hard to quiet the noise and find things that actually work.

Although skeptical at how easy it seemed to find long tail keywords and whether or not they would be effective for me to make a profit from, I trusted Spencer Haws. I figured there was no way he could make a crap product without getting a lot of backlash from his huge following. Plus, it wouldn’t be a ton of work to test out the keywords I found.

Long Tail Pro Platinum Review – The Results

I found a few long tail keywords I wanted to use, signed up for an affiliate program and wrote ONE article to test the results. I had used The Hoth previously to build some links to my main domain name (I spent around $150-200), but I didn’t do any link building to the specific article I wrote with my Long Tail Pro keywords.

The initial release of my article got some decent traffic, but made no profit. A month later I made a whopping $15 and thought I would have to wait for growth, build links or that maybe it just won’t be overly profitable (sorry, there goes my skepticism and impatience again). But, by the 4th month I was making $400 USD per month from that one article and my site had 84 keywords in Google’s top 100. 90% of those keywords were from that article and I was blown away.

Long Tail Pro Platinum Download

So, as you can imagine, I now use Long Tail Pro on the regular, building my empire and nourishing my bank account so that I can buy my dog @fynn.andfriends all the toys he wants. I hope you found my Long Tail Pro Platinum review and experience helpful. Click here to try it out for free… or don’t and stay a skeptic forever!!!!

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