Summer Solar Panel Maintenance Tips: What You Need to Know

Summer Solar Panel Maintenance is very important. When you have solar panels installed professionally, you won’t have to worry about your system much since little maintenance is required. That said, maintenance is required often to ensure the maximum performance of your solar panels.

While summer brings longer days and exposes your solar panels to sunlight for greater periods of time, maintenance is still essential. Plus, there is less rainfall to keep your panels squeaky clean throughout summer.

Read on for some summer solar panel maintenance tips you need to know. If you need solar panel installers Suffolk and UK residents love, it’s best to search on Google.

Clean your solar panels regularly

Clean your solar panels regularly – dirt and dust can accumulate on the surface of the panel and reduce its efficiency. Check for any dirt, debris or bird droppings on your panels. Make sure to clean them with a soft cloth or non-abrasive sponge and some mild soap and water.

Summer is the perfect time to clean your windows since it’s the most effective month for solar output and it’s the time of year when they’re most likely to be dirty. This is because summer has a lot less rainfall than other seasons like winter and autumn. Rainfall can clean dirt and dust on your panels, and without it, your panels might not be as clean. So grab a bucket or hose and some soap and get scrubbing.

Check for any issues

Examine your solar panels from the ground (if possible), or from above (such as from a window) for any dirt accumulation or mounting system issues, such as loose bolts. Consider taking a quick glimpse at least twice a year. You could check for any corrosion. Signs of rust, especially in areas where water can reach (such as around connectors), may mean it’s time for a new panel. Corroded solar panels produce less power and require more work to start up again.

Have your solar panels serviced

Solar panels are designed to last more than 25 years – and very little maintenance is required. While it’s best to carry out maintenance or inspections at least once a year, we recommend you have a professional examine your system at least once every 5 to 10 years. By doing so, you can ensure that your solar panels are producing enough energy to reduce your expenses and stay on top of any unpleasant financial shocks.

Prevent shade and potential damage factors

Sunshine is valuable for your solar panels. When shaded from that valuable sunshine, your panels’ ability to produce electricity can reduce drastically. Make sure any nearby trees are pruned to prevent them from blocking sunlight. You also want to make sure no ivy grows anywhere near your solar panels. To avoid any risks to the panels, such as falling branches or bird poo, any overhanging branches should be cut back. Solar panels perform best when clean and clear, with the best possible access to sunlight.



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