Treat it green, keep them keen: why job seekers prefer sustainable companies

More and more people are becoming aware of the effects of climate change and how it’s impacting the planet. This awareness is extending to how people live their daily lives, including how they go about looking for employment. People are gravitating towards sustainable companies who share their values, rather than sticking with an employer who doesn’t reflect their values. Here are just a few reasons why job seekers prefer a sustainable company.

It shows that the company cares

When a company can show that they are sustainable and care about the environment and its community, a prospective employee can safely assume that the company cares about its employees as well. A worker needs to be confident that the company they’re employed by has their best interests at heart. The company that doesn’t prioritise sustainability is more likely to throw them away once they have served their purpose, just as they do with natural resources.

Employees want to be proud of their workplace

Humans are a very proud race and that pride extends to all aspects of their life including their job. Employees want to work for a company that has a good reputation and that extends to having a sustainable stance on environmental issues. A business that shows they are making an effort to be sustainable and contribute to helping the climate crisis will create a better culture and environment for all of their employees.

2022’s job candidates are environmentally conscious

Millennials and Gen Z workers are much more conscious of environmental issues compared to previous generations. They care more about their own well-being and that of the environment, wanting to preserve and restore what we have left for future generations to enjoy. This is the generation who actively protest and call out their governments for how they handle climate change, and are likely to apply for ECO funding measures in order to improve their sustainability at home. Being sustainable is already a huge part of their identity and they are likely to look for a company that has similar values.

Having shared values improves success

A company that has shared values with their employees will generally see more feeling of camaraderie and a shared interest in success among the employees. This will lead to higher performance rates and productivity, compared to companies that don’t hold the same core values as their employees. Going back to the previous point about how millennials hold sustainability as one of their core values, it is only logical that they will gravitate towards a company that holds that value and that business will see an increase in productivity and employee satisfaction.

Understandably, there isn’t a company out there that has completely perfected sustainability, but there are plenty who are doing their best to be greener. In doing so, they attract more talent from the younger generations and set themselves up for success in the future, bringing the value of being sustainable full circle.

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