Bathroom Breaks Does Not Mean Your Floor Has To

What is the worst part about getting out of the bath or shower – apart from leaving the comfort?

It’s the water that soaks your floor no matter if you put down a towel to safeguard it. It’s slippery and it is a pain to clean up before it soaks through to your underfloor. Doesn’t that just take the relaxing nature out of the whole experience?

But fret not, your afternoon/evening soak need not be so affected with a different kind of flooring, such as luxury wood effect vinyl flooring.

Starting with Installation

When it comes down to installing lowest price Amtico flooring you have two options to start; hire a professional or take to challenge yourself. Vinyl is an easy to do project whether you choose with either a glue down or click together option.

Glue down tiles require the use of an adhesive which will take some extra care, and your subfloor will need to be smooth and levelled in order to lay them correctly.

With the click together plank option, it is simply a case of clicking the boards together into place without the glue, so in any event of damage they can be easily replaced. Click tile is also a thicker option which offers even more resistance.

Both products are a more relatively easier process than regular flooring.

No Moisture Threat

Steam, humidity and moisture are the most common threats to flooring in bathrooms, with each causing plenty of damage over different periods of time.

A huge benefit that has been manufactured into vinyl is a high moisture resistant design that prevents water seeping through the tiles and causing damage to the subfloor, as well as it not affecting the adhesive used on the gluing down of tiles. Anti-slip design also prevents any accidents upon leaving your bath or shower.

Vinyl iis also considered a highly reliable insulator, which is a huge benefit to those seeking underfloor heating within their bathroom.

No Unwelcome Chills

Everyone tends to take the path of laying down a bathroom mat or towel in order to greet us after exiting a bath or shower. After all, who wants a cold floor greeting after a nice, hot soak?

Whilst underfloor heating is a popular option within bathrooms today, luxury wood effect vinyl flooring is also very soft underfoot. As an ideal companion for underfloor heating, vinyl flooring tends to not rise or break under high temperatures.

Reduce your clean up time when it comes to chilling in the bathroom with the possibilities that Amtico Spacia and even the cheapest Amtico flooring in the UK can provide.

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