Instagram Growth Services Review


I have rewrote this article numerous times to share different programs and companies that help grow your Instagram account naturally, with real active followers and it’s not gone well. These services exist, but from about 2 years of research and testing them all out, I’ve found it’s a bit of a shady business.

I have been scammed numerous times testing these companies out and won’t even bother to list them all since most of them end up closing down. From my experience, only Ingramer has been a reliable source for Instagram growth through the numerous companies I tested. I have listed some below for you to check out!

Can You Buy Active Instagram Followers?

A lot of the companies that sell Instagram followers will claim they are ‘real’ or ‘active’. This doesn’t mean they are actually real people. If you read between the lines on some of these scammy websites, you’ll realize that ‘active’ followers just means they have some images on their account. It does not mean that these ‘real’ followers will interact with you or your brand (or anyone else for that matter). They will use terms like ‘quality’ followers as well, but don’t be fooled, they are all fake accounts.

These followers are not going to like, comment or engage with you on Instagram. So, basically you will have 1000 followers, but still only 2 likes on your posts. And this can look a bit suspicious. Companies like Coin Crack are pretty transparent about how buying Instagram followers with them works.

Although buying these fake followers and likes is not something I would consider as my only means of growing my Instagram account, boosting your profile through likes and follows can have it’s benefits, which are not always worth taking the chance of losing your account. Read my whole review on what happened and my experience before you buy Instagram followers of this type.

Buy REAL Active Instagram Followers

You can’t buy immediate real active followers on Instagram. You used to be able to buy followers that ‘looked active’, but since 2019, most of those services have been shut down due to Instagram cracking down on them.

This shows you how even more important it is to go with a trustworthy Instagram services. As of May 2020, your only option for hands-free Instagram growth is to go with a growth service. These services are often a little but more pricey than buying followers back in 2019, but it’s safer and legitimate.


Rating: 5/5


Price: $37

Review: It took a bit of patience, but I have had steady growth since trying this service. They have a safe start which tracks dozens of metrics to ensure your growth is safe and long term. That’s why it is a slow start, and I believe this is why they are still in business and the only company I currently recommend. Just be careful as I didn’t look through the settings in detail and they did unfollow a lot of my friends etc.

Social Steeze Review

(UPDATE MAY 6, 2019 – This website has now closed down)

Social Steeze

Rating: 4.8/5

Website: Social Steeze

Price: $38 

Social Envy Review


(UPDATE SEPT 7, 2018 – This website has now closed down)

Rating: 0/5

Website: Social Envy

What I Bought: 2 Weeks of Instagram Service

Price: $33 USD per week

Review: I supplied Social Envy with 5 usernames (of other accounts who’s followers might benefit from following me) and 15 hashtags to target for my Instagram account. At first I was very hopeful and positive about this Instagram service. Their FAQ’s ensured potential clients that the service was 100% safe. But, then I got a bit nervous as I dove deeper into some research about Social Envy. From what I found, it was quite clear that Social Envy was a scam, or extremely poorly run business.



I kept searching and couldn’t find a positive review of the service except for the ones on their own website. But, I saw it through and waited for the results of their service which was disappointing. After 2 weeks I only had a 100 or so more followers and barely any interaction on my account. I could have increased this amount of followers quite easily on my own.


As you may have read about buying Instagram followers, everything paid in the social media business has it’s pros and cons. You could get stuck with a shady company like Social Envy if you don’t do your research. I have tried tons of other companies not listed in the article and due to having growth plus safety and reliability, is my only recommendation at this time. (Obviously other than the organic growth tools I recommend). Do your research and keep growing and influencing social friends!

Don’t get scammed! XO

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