What Happened When I Bought Instagram Followers

Every thought you might want to buy Instagram followers? I’m always looking for ways to increase my social media presence and test out services available. Instagram is currently my favourite social media platform, so I started to look at my options and reading reviews about buying likes and followers to see if it was the real deal or just a scam. This article will outline the different companies I used, a review of them and then what I would recommend. I realize there’s an ethical line when it comes to marketing and buying followers, but I’m here to test things out in all areas of the internet and share them with my readers and clients.

I have numerous Instagram accounts for different websites I own, a personal account and one for my dog (because I’m cool – don’t judge me!). So I tested out 2 different “Instagram Followers” companies on 2 separate accounts I own.

Rating: 4.5/5
Website: https://smmsumo.com/
What I bought: 500 followers
Price: $5

The reason I give SMM Sumo such a high rating is because they basically offer what most other sites do, but for much, MUCH cheaper. I also think their slogans and logo character is hilarious, but that isn’t the point here… They also have a guarantee to replace any lost followers for 2 years after you purchase, which most other companies do not.

Rating: 2/5
Website: https://www.mrinsta.com/
What I bought: 250 Followers
Price: $15

Review: This is your typical run of the mill Instagram Followers buying site. There is no guarantees on quality or if your followers will stay, or unfollow you. They are mostly inactive users. That being said, there is benefits to this company as they offer the ability to choose which country your followers are from and have some other niche options.

buy instagram followers

Rating: 4/5
Website: http://coincrack.com
What I bought: 1500 followers
Price: $35 USD

Review: The accounts were decent and ordering followers was easy and fast. Most followers had at least a few photos and some were private, but they were not active users. So if you’re just looking to grow your numbers on Instagram without the desire to increase engagement, CoinCrack is a decent option. It was also helpful that they leak the followers slowly to your account (50 a day etc) rather than all 1500 at once.

Rating: 3/5
Website: https://audiencegain.com/
What I bought: 500 ‘Real Followers’
Price: $8 USD

Review: This company was pretty good too. The users that I got were the most active looking than any of the other companies I tested to buy Instagram followers. Some of them even had more than 4-5 photos in their account! But, it’s a lot more expensive than coincrack.com, or any other buying service. They also offer a number of other social media services.

What I learned from this experience and what I think you should do. 

Numbers Aren’t Everything

I mean this literally. The reason I only bought the smallest number of followers while testing these companies is because the outcome was what I thought it would be, dead weight. Accounts that aren’t active aren’t going to do anything for your account other than make people think  you have a lot of followers. These inactive accounts aren’t going to get you more likes AND a lot of people are smart enough to see that if you have 1.5 million followers and your pictures are only getting 30 likes each, something fishy is going on.

“Real Active Followers” Are Still Not Real People

That’s right folks! Even when I was paying more for “REAL” followers they seemed to just be accounts with more than one image on them. They are not real people who are going to engage with your posts or add anything more to your account than a rise in follower numbers.

Be Careful When You Buy Instagram Followers

Platforms like Instagram have algorithms that can catch unnatural activity (like getting 10k followers overnight). Although I have tested out buying social followers, I would not recomened it. There are better ways to grow your account and if you’re having trouble you can hire an affordable service to help with Instagram growth. And you never know when any social platform might crack down on something like buying followers and flag your account, so proceed with caution.

What I Recommend

There is a lot of other ways to grow your Instagram account faster and more naturally without buying followers. Getting a bunch of inactive accounts following you will not help your business or sales. That being said, buying likes and shares can boost your exposure, so that you ultimately can get a lot of organic social traction and followers. But, this is still not very safe, unfortunately.

Although I always recommend you put your personality out there and talk to people on social platforms with integrity of being yourself and representing your business, a little help with networking and follower growth doesn’t hurt as long as it’s effective. But the stakes are high, you could lose your entire account, so please proceed with caution. Read my review on Instagram growth services as well.

I’ve hired friends to help out with my social media, but the process is slow and time consuming. I trust in my content and integrity of what I’m offering people on social media, but I don’t always have time to play the social game. So, I dedicated an entire eBook about how to grow your Instagram account naturally without having to purchase followers. I’ve been training people with the advice I give in this book and their Instagram accounts have been growing 50-100 people per week by following the basic tools I’ve given them. So if you’re interested, you can sign up anywhere on this website to get the book!

Also, feel free to share your thoughts on Instagram, any services you’ve tried (good and bad!).

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