How to Outsource Content

How to outsource content may seem simple, but if you’ve ever done it, you will know it’s often a double edged sword. It all starts with one blog; your passion site and then expands. I write a lot about travel blogging because that’s how I got started in the online business (and I believe that everyone should have the chance to learn how to become a travel blogger and live a location independent life!). But, once you start gaining traction, popularity and income on your main blog,  you will probably be interested in expanding your portfolio by creating and/or buying more websites. My online portfolio has fluctuated over the years and I have a variety of small websites in different niches with different forms of monetization.

Unfortunately, managing your time as an entrepreneur can be a hard task. Even just a few different niche websites can become very time consuming – even managing one website can feel stressful at times, so you will need to know how to outsource content! Outsourcing content for some of your websites can help tremendously when managing multiple sites. I wouldn’t recommend this for your flagship blog, unless you plan on adding a specific person on the site as a writer/personality to your main website.

how to outsource content

How to Outsource Content

Outsourcing anything on the internet can be an annoying process. People you hire can be flakey or the quality can be quite low. Often if a price seems too good to be true, it probably is. That being said, I have been outsourcing for years and below I have reviewed the most popular outsourcing websites and how to navigate them to get the most out of your money. If you don’t have a friend who wants to write content for you and you’re not interested in posting a job on a regular job board, then you’re most likely going to be using a website/platform made specifically for outsourcing work. I have reviewed a few of the top outsourcing platforms and explained how to outsource content on them.

Fiverr Review

Fiverr Cost

You might have figured out from the name already, that work on Fiverr, costs $5. There is a lot of higher end work for a higher end cost, but the basis is that you can post a job you need outsourced for only $5. There is a small processing fee at the checkout which I always forget about. So usually your $5 order is actually $7 when you check out.

Fiverr Experience 

I have a love/hate relationship with Fiverr. It can be extremely helpful for things like design, WordPress bugs or small technical glitches I just can’t seem to fix, but finding a good writer on Fiverr might prove to be challenging. It would not be my top choice for writers, but I use it weekly for a number of other things like tech/design.

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Upwork Review

Upwork Cost

The pricing for outsourcing on Upwork will depend on if you want a beginner or intermediate in the field of work you’re trying to outsource. The great thing about Upwork is that you can either post a job at a fixed rate, or pay per hour which is tracked by Upwork.

Upwork Experience

Similar to Fiverr, Upwork can be a real hit or miss experience. Your taking your chances on a hire here. The good thing about both outsourcing platforms is that you can see reviews and how many projects a person has done before hiring them. I will be honest, I don’t use Upwork very often. I find it to be very similar to Fiverr, but higher in price.

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iWriter Review

iWriter Cost

iWriter has a number of pricing levels depending on the level of writer you want to produce the content you order. It is $3 for a standard article, $5.50 for a premium, $10 for elite and $35 for elite-plus. I usually order premium and up depending on the project I need content for.

iWriter Experience

iWriter is probably my favorite outsourcing platform for ordering content. Firstly, it’s very fast and I can get content within an hour of posting the request. Secondly, if the article isn’t good I can reject it and block the writer to not pick up the article again. The article then goes back out to other writers. The $5.50 premium content isn’t always the best, but it’s what I use for filler content. I might need to edit it a bit once completed, but when you get into the $10-35 content, it’s much better quality.

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The Hoth Review

The Hoth Cost

The Hoth is a far more premium content outsourcing service. This is what I use for any major affiliate websites I have. One, 500 word article is $40 and a 1000 word article is $70. Although these prices are quite high, you can buy in bulk to lower overall costs. For 8, 500 word articles you pay $240 total, which makes the articles $30 each.


Why I outsource my high level content to The Hoth is because I am paying for quality. All of their articles are created by vetted native English speaking writers. They also take care of topic ideation for you, topic research, SEO optimization on the articles and much more. The Hoth also does white hat linkbuilding for all budget ranges and a ton of other amazing services for building up your website and brand.

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Hopefully by now you have a better idea on how to outsource content. Overall, outsourcing content depends on your personal needs and budget. Your budget is a huge factor in the quality of outsourcing you will experience. That being said, you can get great content for cheap, it just might take a bit longer or be a bit more frustrating. Another option is to hire a friend or University/College student to do some writing for you at a budgeted cost.

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