Simple Tips to Increase Your Ranking in Google

People will always find ways to trick or scheme their way up in Google Search results. I made an amazing income while traveling the world by somewhat doing this. The work I did was against “Google Guidelines”, so eventually that came crumbling down and I was back to where I had started.  The fact of the matter is, that whether you’re looking to increase your search engine results, social media presence or anything else online, do it right the first time. Certainly there are ways to do it smart and get faster results, but if you’re looking to cheat the game to get yourself up higher in one of these platforms, think again.

1. Install a WordPress SEO Plugin

This is probably one of the easiest tips for your SEO-game. I recommend the SEO by Yoast plugin – it’s one of the most downloaded WordPress plugins of all time! With this plugin you’re able to add a custom SEO title, meta description and meta tags to every post or page on your website. For example, you could name your article, “The Bomb Diggs of Fitness Threads”, but in the SEO title you could have it show up in Google search as, “The Best Fitness Clothing Online”. To learn more about this plugin, how it can help your SEO-game and how to use it, watch the video below.

2. Relevant and Unique Content

Don’t try to be everyone else or produce the same content as someone who is already rocking their blog or business online. Produce your own UNIQUE content that fits in your niche or field. Writing good shit sounds like a very basic request to increase your SEO, but it is one of the number one drivers in your search engine success.

Firstly, you want helpful or interesting content people actually want to read. The longer people stay on your website reading it, the more Google will be all like, “Hey, this guy knows his stuff, let’s send more people to his website”. (There’s a lot more to it than that, but in general terms, that’s the gist). Also, if your content is awesome, the more likely other websites are to link to it.

Secondly, Google does not like copied material. If you write exactly what is on another website or copy an article somewhere else on the web, it won’t bode well for your SEO-game. The big G LOVES fresh content, even updating your already existing content is a good move.

3. Get Featured or Guest Post

Obtaining links to your website or articles is a slippery-Googly-slope. Buying those links to your website from link farms or a spammy website can get you de-indexed in Google (this means you don’t even show up in search results anymore, eeek!). That’s why it’s important to do things right, without rushing the process or trying to get tons of links to your website so you come up in Google rankings fast, that won’t matter when it all comes crashing down.

Build relationships with other online business or bloggers. Make friends and ask questions, don’t be shy! See if anyone with a reputable site will feature your blog/company or allow you to guest post an article. This feature or guest post will have a link back to your website, which helps you grow in Google search results. Plus, any added traffic from another website is always great!

This is also why great content is important. If you have an awesome article, it will gain links without you having to contact anyone and request them.


There are just a few of the many factors that can help your Google Search results. Work on building a sustainable online presence. It might take a little longer to play by Google’s rules, but it will be the most beneficial option for your company or blog.


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